Jancis Harvey
Singer/Songwriter - Concerts, TV, Radio

Radio 2 - Folk programmes throughout the late seventies and eighties - FOLK ON TWO Sunday mornings:GOSPEL ROAD. Her radio debut was long before this, however, when she featured with her songs on FIVE TO TEN, following close on the heels of an up and coming Paul Simon, who was touring in UK at the time.

BBC SCHOOLS BROADCASTS from 1977 to the present day Jancis has been writing songs for the BBC Schools’ programmes and the songs, LORD OF THE HARVEST, FROM THE DARKNESS CAME LIGHT, LITTLE STAR, STILL SMALL VOICE, SEE THE FARMER and PLANTING MY FEET are all used in Schools today throughout the country and all appear in BBC’s Schools’ hymnbook COME AND PRAISE. These songs are nationally popular and are suitable for multi-faith schools, and as such they are of immense benefit to the schools and churches throughout the country who use them- producer Geoff Marshall Taylor.

LOCAL RADIO STATIONS - Radio Nottingham in the seventies,folk programmes produced by Gina Madgett. Radio Cambridgeshire from its beginnings in 1982 with a regular Sunday morning slot on 'Sunday's Company' - bringing something of local interest -a character, place, event from the past or the present, always accompanied by a specially composed song. Since moving to Suffolk in 2000, Radio Suffolk have featured her SONG OF SUFFOLK and the Newmarket song, OUR TOWN and Jancis has appeared on various programmes with Lesley Dolphin and Pete Jennings.

WOMANS' HOUR - Jancis once featured on an hour long special of this programme from the Theatre Royal, Norwich- hosted by the sadly missed, Dick Condon. The programme also included Percy Edwards and Wayne Sleep !

TV in the seventies- comprised of appearances on Songs of Praise; Sunday Morning from Pebble Mill;About Anglia and a Sunday morning programme from BBC in Bristol.

TV in the eighties - a prolific period of appearances for Jancis, with self-scripted late night presentations on Anglia TV on a very regular basis, under the heading of JANCIS HARVEY sings - PRODUCER, Ivan Bailey. This theme being taken up by YORKSHIRE TV and Mary Watts as producer, followed hot on the heels, by Tyne Tees and Maxwell Deas. These little slots consisted of the verse of a song - spoken prose or poetry - complete song and fade. Each series usually followed a similar theme.

Producer Ralph Rolls with whom Jancis had worked in the seventies on Schools Broadcasts, devised a very popular morning programme on BBC 1 Television, entitled FIVE TO ELEVEN. A poem and song - the perfect formula and Jancis scripted and presented two series of these.

Mention should be made- though briefly of the TV 'acting' career which lasted from 1984- 1992 with background artist work on BBC and ITV productions.Equipped with a current EQUITY card, Jancis took part in various dramas, ranging from LOVEJOY, DALZIEL AND PASCOE - even featured in CROSSROADS and played the part of the Nanny to Little Arthur in Middlemarch and the governess in to Dora in one production of David Copperfield, having several re-takes whilst a sash window wouldn't open, and Little Arthur was in fact identical twins,then if one cried, another was substituted and if all else failed, a doll was handed to her..........don't tell anyone though !