Jancis Harvey
Singer/Songwriter - Concerts, TV, Radio

NEWMARKET OPEN DOOR (registered charity 1070554) , which is a charity for the homeless of Newmarket was launched in 1998 with a song OPEN DOOR specially written by Jancis, and she organises and hosts the Annual Open Door Concert every year. This concert raises not only money for the charity, but also raises awareness in the town of the plight of the young homeless and the work of Portland House, which is the address of the home. She also released a recording of this song for sale in aid of the project.

HOSPITALS AND DAY CENTRES: Jancis visits day centres for the elderly throughout the region on a regular basis.

in 1992, the first UK community was established in Landbeach near
Cambridge. Jancis composed a song, ROAD TO EMMAUS especially for the
opening ceremony. The song tells of the work of the community and its
striving for near self-sufficiency and also the self respect given back
to the homeless who find a base and a purpose at an Emmaus Community.

CHURCH OF ENGLAND’S CHILDRENS’ SOCIETY: The song CANDLE IN THE DARK, which Jancis wrote in 1990 has been included in the Millennium Christingle Pack along with four other of her songs: LITTLE STAR, FROM THE DARKNESS CAME LIGHT, PLANTING MY FEET IN THE FOOTSTEPS - these songs have been used in services throughout the country and have been most appropriate to each occasion.

Many of her songs are featured in words and music on the HYMN QUEST CD ROM produced by Pratt Green Trust. Fred Pratt Green established this trust for the furtherance of hymns.

Her song CANDLE IN THE DARK has been adopted by the BRITISH ORGAN DONOR SOCIETY.

In 1984 in response to a request from a person suffering from terminal cancer, Jancis wrote ANNABELLE’S UNICORN and released this on cassette in order to raise funds for the St.Elizabeth Hospice Appeal in Ipswich . £2,500 was raised

WAKEMAN OF RIPON composed by Jancis for the 900 anniversary of the City of Ripon Charter and used for a concert in the Cathedral with children from six schools in the City. She sang this with children from the Roman Catholic school in Ripon and great links were forged in the area as a result.

SHOEBOXES FOR CROATIA :In 1996 as a result of an appeal for shoeboxes filled with gifts for the refugees of Croatia, Jancis wrote and performed A SHOEBOX FULL OF WISHES and this was used to help the appeal, a cassette recording was subsequently released. Jancis received a personal letter from the recipient of her shoebox and this was a great highlight for her personally.

CHERNOYBL CHILDRENS HOLIDAYS- Jancis arranged a concert in Spurgeon's Chapel in Waterbeach,near Cambridge in March 1998 to raise funds for holidays for the children who still suffer as a result of the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. Over £300 was raised and was contributed towards the fund and as a result several children came to stay in the area that summer.

FOLK MUSIC SOCIETIES : Jancis has founded and also run folk clubs from 1967, firstly at Saffron Walden College,and in 1970 she re-started the Co-operative Folk Club in Nottingham and the Great Chesterford Folk Club in Essex in 1973. Just recently she has been working with Richard Spendlove by setting music to his poems many of which are about Cambridge and the surrounding area and several social issues - these are being very well received by the community at large as well as the locality around Cambridge. Jancis believes that the stories of people and places in and around East Anglia should live on and endeavours to ensure that all events vital to the area should be immortalised.

Together with two other friends she founded Newmarket Cats (registered charity 1089406) in August 2001.